Harol VZ080-Zip

Kompakt kassett, enorm effekt.

Get the most from your veranda, skylight or rooflight with VZ080-ZIP blinds. Enjoy the perfect amount of shade beneath this great example of timeless design. It will never get too hot. You can, if you like, completely block out the sun with this ingenious design. A dream for late risers! Typically, the compact box contributes to a sophisticated look.


Unika funktioner

  • Ett system, flertal modeller
  • Liten och tidlös design
  • Extremt liten kassett
  • Många års nöje med unikt ZIP system



Harol_VZ080-ZIP_inbouw-nis Harol_VZ080-ZIP_opbouw Harol_VZ080-ZIP_binnen Harol_VZ080-ZIP_botom-up Harol_VZ080-ZIP_top-down Harol_VZ080-ZIP_zijdelings

Kompakt kassett

Flexibla monteringsdetaljer
Harol_VZ080-ZIP_geleider Harol_VZ080-ZIP_steunvoetje2 Harol_VZ080-ZIP_steunvoetje

Perfekt som ”blackout” markis.
HAROL VZ080 Produktblad